You may wish to check our STUDENT TESTIMONIALS first to read what our students have to say about being a member of the Online Dojo.

The Online Dojo provides a community for those interested in training the art of Aikido daily (sometimes multiple times a day!)

The classes are designed to deepen your understanding of the basic principles underlining the art. All of the training is designed specifically for solo training at home, in a way to support your development in your own independant study and also as fully complementary to your regular dojo training.


The Online Dojo has two membership options. Firstly a Full Membership for those that would like to attend all classes, and secondly an Associate Membership for those who would like to support the dojo and attend classes when possible but not regularly.

The Dojo operates on a ‘By Donation’ basis.

Below are the monthly suggested Donation fees:

Full Membership: All Classes: €40
All Classes plus Workshop: €50

Associate Membership: €25

Individual Workshop Fee: €20

Donations can be made through the Stripe form below or alternatively through PayPal using the following link:

Or alternatively for direct bank transfer, please contact for IBAN and Bank details.

I believe money should not be a barrier to training. For me the desire and willingness to train is the important thing, and this is the same policy I have in my ‘real’ dojos. Never let money be the reason for not training, I have been fortunate to have the majority of my training for no cost – so I know how important this can be!



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