“You yourself have to change,

and therefore you have to learn to observe, to know yourself.

This learning about yourself is a fascinating and joyous business.”

J. Krishnamurti

Private Classes are a very effective and more personal approach to training, they can be taken on a one-on-one basis or also as a small group. They allow you to really focus on those areas that you wish to further develop and delve deeply into problems and issues in a much more personalised way. I take a creative and explorative approach to private classes, allowing you to not only look at the training in a new way, but importantly enjoy it at the same time. No class is ever the same!

“I am free to ask detailed questions during my one-on-one classes which I would not normally ask during a group class! Michael’s attention to detail is phenomenal, and his broad and deep knowledge of Aikido helps me tremendously with my understanding of the techniques.”

Sarina – UK

“(Michael) provides the motivation and inspiration and technical guidance, he sets the challenge. I remain focused on what I am doing and each class is an achievement of personal discovery.”

Adrian P. – UK

Classes are tailored completely to your schedule and personal requirements, whether working towards your next grade or working on your rolling skills. Get in touch to discuss your needs and pricing. See below for an example of a one-on-one Private Class – working on some Jo turning skills, in the rising morning sun of Andalucia: