“If the training method is wrong, even years of training will fail to produce desirable results in any respectable martial art. I therefore urge you to take due note of this point and adopt a correct training method.

A correct training method starts with learning the basic movements, which are always practiced at each training session, and obtaining a prior knowledge of what these movements mean. Every time you practice, it is important for you to try out repeatedly what you have supposedly learned. Basic movements, which seem so simple and easy to everyone, are quite important in that they are usefully integrated into all Aikido techniques and serve to eliminate unnecessary movements and unnatural conflicts as a matter of course. Consequently, basic movements should be practiced at each training session and should under no circumstances be omitted. Such movements include “Body Turns” and “Training of Abdominal Breath Power.”

Aikido Its Heart And Appearance, Chapter 1, by Morihiro Saito Sensei.