The first Online Workshop of 2022 will be exploring the theme of: ‘Moving In Alignment’.

The definition of Align is:

  1. to place or become placed in a line
  2. to bring (components or parts) into proper or desirable coordination or relation.

The idea of there being a ‘proper’ alignment for the body to function effectively is of huge importance for Martial Arts (and Daily Life). The first definition may seem to suggest that it is as simple as following the age old adage to ‘sit up straight’, but in movement and activity the reality is more nuanced and complex, and we might be reminded of the idea that ‘nature doesn’t work in straight lines.’ The second definition of bringing parts into relational harmony is more along the lines of exploration in this workshop. Through simple exercises we will work not only the structural alignments of the body, but the interrelation and effect of our internal (and external) feeling-sensations.

Morihei Ueshiba is quoted as saying: ‘A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.’ Making the connection between the physical and structural alignment of the body with the mental aspect, and refers to the idea of poise of both body and mind. Here alignment takes on a deeper meaning, that of aligning ourselves ‘to something’. That something could be an idea, a feeling, a principle, or that of aligning our whole being to the demands of the moment. The simple reminder from Ueshiba could be seen as condensing one of the important pieces from the Nei-yeh:

‘When your body is not aligned,
The inner power will not come.
When you are not tranquil within,
Your mind will not be well-ordered.
Align your body, assist the inner power,
Then it will gradually come on its own.’

– Excerpt from page 66 of Nei-yeh (Original Tao: Inward training and the foundations of Taoist mysticism) by Harold D. Roth

The weekend workshop will explore these ideas and will weave in and out of the Takemusu Aikido Bukiwaza and Taijutsu systems, and explore the levels of Kihon to Ki no nagare.

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SATURDAY + SUNDAY / 29 + 30 January 2022

10:00 – 10:45 1st Class
11:00 – 11:45 2nd Class
12:00 – 12:45 3rd Class
12:45 – 01:00 Q&A + Discussion Period

All times are Central European Time CET


All the training will be designed especially for solo home training.

Keep your weapons (Bokken + Jo, Tanto) close by and ideally you would need a minimum of ca. 4m2 for the exercises.


The training will be recorded LIVE and available for students to review in their own time after the Workshop. This can be accessed through the YouTube Channel at:


All classes will be led by Michael Ormerod, 3rd Dan Aikikai.

Michael Ormerod began his training in Aikido at the age of 15 in the UK. He has trained extensively throughout Europe and under taken an intensive training period in Japan under the guidance of Hiroki Nemoto Sensei (7th Dan) and training in the Founder’s Dojo and Hombu Dojo. In 2016 he began a full time apprenticeship under his teacher Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros (6th Dan), training and teaching in the Takemusu Aikido Motril Dojo and attending international seminars as assistant. Michael has over 10 years of teaching experience, and in January 2018 he established Takemusu Aikido Orgiva, offering classes to children and adults. In 2019 Michael received the rank of Sandan (3rd Dan) from the Aikikai in Japan, Tokyo. Early 2020 saw the creation of the Takemusu Aikido Online Dojo, as a response to the Covid Pandemic – giving people the opportunity to continue their daily practice and the comfort of knowing that Aikido is just a click away under any circumstances.


Workshop Fee:

Full Workshop: 30 Euros

1 Day: 20 Euros


Payment can be made through PayPal using the following link:

Alternatively, for direct bank transfer, please contact for IBAN and Bank details.



WhatsApp: +34 621 23 18 82


In Aiki 🙏



🔥 About the Takemusu Aikido Online Dojo We are a dedicated group of aikido enthusiasts training in the Takemusu Aikido line. The philosophy of the Online Dojo is to create a space where we can share our practice wherever, whatever the current circumstances. It is an opportunity to go deeply into a modern embodiment practice, rooted in the Japanese Martial Tradition and Culture. Whilst the training is serious and demanding, it is always carried out in a playful and joyful manner, designed to engage and challenge the beginner and seasoned practitioner of all levels. 

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