Diler. S – SPAIN

When the first lockdown was announced in Spain, in March, my initial concern was about for how long I would not be able to train, for some it may sound ridiculous, but it was a serious concern.  Luckily one of us suggested using zoom to arrange online trainings.  Many of  our teachers  around  Europe responded very quickly and got organized to provide us with online- trainings.  

Michael was one of them. He even took it one step further and built up his Online Dojo by which he made his classes available to us almost every day.

For me online-training in the very beginning was a  substitute until I would be back on the mat again.  However, it did not take me long to appreciate the value of the solo training  especially under instruction of highly competent teachers. Now I am considering it complementary to my training on the mat, and I am trying to join as many sessions as I can.

Michael, beside being a great teacher, gave us the comfort of knowing that Aikido is just a click away for us under any circumstances.  For that I am grateful.”

Sarina – UK

Michael’s attention to detail is phenomenal, and his broad and deep knowledge of Aikido helps me tremendously with my understanding of the techniques.”


“Not always do I like to get up and be ready at 08.00 for Michael’s zoom class – But once I participate in the extensive and varied  warming up, I am happy I ever started!
To me the classes are a great opportunity to go in a playful way deeper into the basics of Ken and Jo. The focus to centered body movements both with and without weapons is a daily gift from Michael. I appreciate a lot and is the best preparation to partner work I can think of.”

Roland K. – Germany

“Michael Ormerod’s online training is fun, motivating and deepens my understanding of Takemusu Aikido. For me, a perfect complement to training in my home dojo. In short: highly recommended.”


“The classes given by Michael are a great addition to regular live classes. They stand on their own as the focus is on the use of the Takemusu Aikido weapons system, with an emphasis on being centered. The online classes have brought me in contact with international participants and the feeling I get from the classes is always positive. It is an honor to be part of this group.”

Adrian P. – UK

“Michael’s classes feel very much like having a personal trainer. It feels like a very one-to-one relationship. He provides the motivation and inspiration and technical guidance, he sets the challenge. I remain focused on what I am doing and each class is an achievement of personal discovery.”